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www datasheetgo.com Micrel DUAL CML PECL LVPECL to LVDS TRANSLATOR SuperLite SY55855V SY55855V FINAL SuperLite FEATURES s s s s s s s s s Guaranteed fMAX 750MHz over temperature 1 5Gbps throughput capability 3 0V to 5 7V power supply Guaranteed 700ps propagation delay over temperature Guaranteed 50ps within device skew over temperature LVDS compatible outputs Fully differential I O architecture Wide operating temperature range 40 C to 85 C Available in a tiny 10 pin MSOP package SuperLite DESCRIPTION The SY55855V is a fully differential CML PECL LVPECL to LVDS translator It achieves LVDS signaling up to 1 5Gbps depending on the distance and the characteristics of the media and noise coupling sources LVDS is intended to drive 50 impedance transmission line media such as PCB traces backplanes or cables SY55855V inputs can be terminated with a single resistor between the true and the complement pins of a given input The SY55855V is a member of Micrel s new SuperLite family of high speed logic devices This family features very small packaging high signal integrity and operation at many different supply voltages PIN CONFIGURATION D0 1 D0 2 D1 3 D1 4 GND 5 10 VCC 9 Q0 8 Q0 7 Q1 6 Q1 APPLICATIONS s s s s High spee

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Manufacturers : Micrel Semiconductor

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