What is SY55852U?

This is D FLIP-FLOP.

In digital electronics, a flip-flop is a circuit that can store a single binary bit of information, which can be either 0 or 1. It is used to build sequential logic circuits that can store and manipulate data.

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www datasheetgo.com SuperLite Micrel Inc D FLIP FLOP SY55852U SuperLite SY55852U FEATURES s s s s s s s s s 2 5GHz min fMAX 2 3V to 5 7V power supply Single bit register memory Synchronizes 1 bit of data to a clock Optimized to work with SuperLite family Fully differential Accepts CML PECL LVPECL input logic levels Source terminated CML outputs for fast edge rates Available in a tiny 10 pin MSOP SuperLite DESCRIPTION The SY55852U is a flip flop used to synchronize data to a clock Its differential output will reproduce and remember the value on its input at the rising edge of the clock In addition an asynchronous level sensitive reset is provided For a synchonous reset the SY55851U AnyGate can be used SY55852U inputs can be terminated with a single resistor between the true and complement pins of a given input The SY55852U is a member of Micrel s SuperLite family of high speed CML logic This family features very small packaging and 2 3V to 5 7V operation APPLICATIONS s High speed logic s OC 48 communication systems FUNCTIONAL BLOCK DIAGRAM DATA CLOCK D Q OUT R RESET SuperLite is a trademark of Micrel Inc M9999 110705 hbwhelp micrel com or 408 955 1690 Rev D Amendment 0 1 Issue Date November 2005 Micrel

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The SR flip-flop is the simplest type of flip-flop, and it has two inputs, Set and Reset. When the Set input is high, the Q output becomes high and the Q' output becomes low. Conversely, when the Reset input is high, the Q output becomes low and the Q' output becomes high. The D flip-flop has a single input, labeled D, which is used to set the value of the Q output. The Q' output is the complement of the Q output. The JK flip-flop is a more complex type of flip-flop that has two inputs, labeled J and K. The J input is used to set the value of the Q output, while the K input is used to reset the Q output. The JK flip-flop has the ability to "toggle" its output state, which means that when both J and K inputs are high, the Q output alternates between high and low states.

Manufacturers : Micrel Semiconductor

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