What is M2180?

This is Clock Oscillator.

An oscillator is an electronic circuit or device that produces an oscillating signal or waveform, which typically repeats itself periodically. The waveform produced by an oscillator can take many different forms, including sine waves, square waves, triangular waves, and sawtooth waves.

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www datasheetgo.com M2180 Series 5x7 mm 1 8 Volt HCMOS TTL Clock Oscillator 1 8 Volt Operation Standby Option High density boards low power circuits portable test sets DENOTES PIN 1 Pin Connections NOTE A capacitor of value 0 01 F or greater between Vdd and Ground is recommended MtronPTI reserves the right to make changes to the product s and service s described herein without notice No liability is assumed as a result of their use or application Please see www mtronpti com for our complete offering and detailed datasheets Contact us for your application specific requirements MtronPTI 1 800 762 8800 Revision 5 1 06

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Oscillators are used in a wide variety of electronic devices, such as radios, computers, and cell phones, as well as in many other applications, including music synthesizers, electronic test equipment, and timing circuits. They can be built using a variety of electronic components, such as transistors, vacuum tubes, and quartz crystals, and can be implemented using analog or digital techniques.

Manufacturers : MTRONPTI

MTRONPTI - M2180 Datasheet PDF


Clock Oscillator

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