What is IDT72V3673?

This is (IDT72V36x3) 3.3 VOLT CMOS SyncFIFOTM.

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www datasheetgo.com 3 3 VOLT CMOS SyncFIFOTM WITH BUS MATCHING 2 048 x 36 4 096 x 36 8 192 x 36 IDT72V3653 IDT72V3663 IDT72V3673 FEATURES Memory storage capacity IDT72V3653 2 048 x 36 IDT72V3663 4 096 x 36 IDT72V3673 8 192 x 36 Clock frequencies up to 100 MHz 6 5 ns access time Clocked FIFO buffering data from Port A to Port B IDT Standard timing using EF and FF or First Word Fall Through Timing using OR and IR flag functions Programmable Almost Empty and Almost Full flags each has five default offsets 8 16 64 256 and 1 024 Serial or parallel programming of partial flags Port B bus sizing of 36 bits long word 18 bits word and 9 bits byte Big or Little Endian format for word and byte bus sizes Retransmit Capability Reset clears data and configures FIFO Partial Reset clears data but retains configuration settings Mailbox bypass registers for each FIFO Free running CLKA and CLKB may be asynchronous or coincident simultaneous reading and writing of data on a single clock edge is permitted Easily expandable in width and depth Auto power down minimizes power dissipation Available in a space saving 128 pin Thin Quad Flatpack TQFP Pin and functionally

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Manufacturers : IDT

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   Idt IDT72V3676



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   Idt IDT72V3672

   Cmos : 3.3 VOLT CMOS SyncBiFIFO


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