What is ENH150X1-300?

This is Color TFT-LCD Module Features.

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www datasheetgo.com White Electronic Designs Display Systems Division GENERAL DESCRIPTION ENH150X1 200 300 ENH150X1 200 300 Color TFT LCD Module Features Panelview provides optically enhanced solutions to the standard Sharp LQ150X1DG16 color active matrix LCD module The rst enhancement is an index matching IM lm lamination to the front surface of the display polarizer The IM lm is available in two surface treatments IM Clear and IM 110 a 10 diffusion The second enhancement is the incorporation of a re ective polarizer RP providing for up to 40 increase in brightness This module is composed of a color TFT LCD panel driver ICs control circuit power supply circuit and a backlight unit Graphics and text can be displayed on a 1024 x 3 x 768 dot panel with 262 144 color by supplying 36 bit data signal 6bit x 2 pixel x RGB four timing signals 5V DC supply voltage for TFT LCD panel driving and supply voltage for backlight It is a wide viewing angle module Vertical viewing angle 120 Horizontal viewing angle 140 Input signal timing conforms with 75Hz mode of VESA standard Panelview assumes no responsibility for any damage resulting from the use of the device which does not comply with the instructions and the precautions s

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Manufacturers : WEDC

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Color TFT-LCD Module Features

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