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www datasheetgo.com AN 686 APPLICATION NOTE One Technology Way P O Box 9106 Norwood MA 02062 9106 Tel 781 329 4700 Fax 781 326 8703 www analog com Implementing an I2C Reset By Jim Greene The I2C bus is a high integrity robust serial bus used for control purposes in many systems The primary components that make up a system are at least one master and one slave Under normal conditions everything works ne however it is the abnormal conditions that generate problems Two questions present themselves when a problem arises Is the problem device or system related or some combination of both What if anything can be done about it Hard device failures are relatively easy to isolate Perhaps a function does not work proper power cycling does not resolve the issue pins are stuck high or low and so on System related problems sometimes disguise themselves as device failures or worse are intermittent It is the latter area that this application note examines because it represents the majority of bus fault conditions Perhaps a brief description of the I2C bus is in order The I2C inter integrated circuit bus was developed and patented by Philips It allows devices to communicate over an open drain or open collector 2 wire

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Manufacturers : Analog Devices

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