What is AD8189?

This is (AD8188 / AD8189) Triple 2:1 Multiplexers.

A multiplexer, also known as a MUX, is a digital circuit that selects and routes one of several input signals to a single output line. It is a basic building block in digital electronics that is used to combine multiple signals into a single output signal.

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www datasheetgo.com 350 MHz Single Supply 5 V Triple 2 1 Multiplexers AD8188 AD8189 FEATURES Fully buffered inputs and outputs Fast channel to channel switching 4 ns Single supply operation 5 V High speed 350 MHz bandwidth 3 dB 200 mV p p 300 MHz bandwidth 3 dB 2 V p p Slew rate 1000 V s Fast settling time 7 ns to 0 1 Low current 19 mA 20 mA Excellent video specifications load resistor RL 150 Differential gain error 0 05 Differential phase error 0 05 Low glitch All hostile crosstalk 84 dB 5 MHz 52 dB 100 MHz High off isolation 95 dB 5 MHz Low cost Fast high impedance disable feature for connecting multiple outputs Logic shifted outputs FUNCTIONAL BLOCK DIAGRAM IN0A DGND IN1A VREF IN2A VCC VEE IN2B VEE 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 2 1 24 VCC OE SEL A B VCC OUT0 VEE OUT1 VCC OUT2 VEE VCC 06239 001 LOGIC SELECT 23 22 ENABLE 0 21 20 19 18 17 16 15 14 IN1B 10 VEE 11 IN0B 12 DVCC AD8188 AD8189 13 Figure 1 APPLICATIONS Switching RGB in LCD and plasma displays RGB video switchers and routers GENERAL DESCRIPTION The AD8188 G 1 and AD8189 G 2 are high speed single supply triple 2 to 1 multiplexers They offer 3 dB small signal bandwidth of 350 MHz and 3 dB large signal bandwidth of 300 MHz along

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The basic multiplexer circuit consists of several input lines, a control input line, and a single output line. The control input line is used to select which input line is connected to the output line. When the control input is set to a certain value, the corresponding input signal is passed through to the output line, while all other input signals are blocked.

Manufacturers : Analog Devices

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(AD8188 / AD8189) Triple 2:1 Multiplexers

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