What is AD7610?

This is Unipolar/Bipolar Programmable Input PulSAR ADC.

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www datasheetgo.com 16 Bit 250 kSPS Unipolar Bipolar Programmable Input PulSAR ADC AD7610 FEATURES Multiple pins software programmable input ranges 5 V 10 V 5 V 10 V Pins or serial SPI compatible input ranges mode selection Throughput 250 kSPS 16 bit resolution with no missing codes INL 0 75 LSB typ 1 5 LSB max 23 ppm of FSR SNR 94 dB 2 kHz iCMOS process technology 5 V internal reference typical drift 3 ppm C On chip temperature sensor No pipeline delay SAR architecture Parallel 16 or 8 bit bus and serial 5 V 3 3 V interface SPI QSPI MICROWIRE DSP compatible Power dissipation 90 mW 250 kSPS 10 mW 1 kSPS 48 lead LQFP and LFCSP 7 mm 7 mm packages AGND AVDD PDREF PDBUF IN IN SWITCHED CAP DAC REF FUNCTIONAL BLOCK DIAGRAM TEMP REFBUFIN REF REFGND VCC VEE DVDD DGND OVDD OGND REF AMP AD7610 SERIAL DATAPORT SERIAL CONFIGURATION PORT 16 D 15 0 SER PAR BYTESWAP CNVST PD RESET CLOCK CONTROL LOGIC AND CALIBRATION CIRCUITRY PARALLEL INTERFACE OB 2C BUSY RD CS 06395 001 BIPOLAR TEN Figure 1 APPLICATIONS Process control Medical instruments High speed data acquisition Digital signal processing Instrumentation Spectrum analysis ATE GENERAL DESCRIPTION The AD7610 is a 16 bit charge redistribution succe

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Manufacturers : Analog Devices

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Unipolar/Bipolar Programmable Input PulSAR ADC

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