What is ADA4310-1?

This is High Current Output Line Driver.

[PDF] Complete Technical Details can be found in the ADA4310-1 datasheet provided at this page.

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Data Sheet Low Cost Dual High Current Output Line Driver with Shutdown ADA4310 1 FEATURES High speed 3 dB bandwidth 190 MHz G 5 Slew rate 820 V s RLOAD 50 Wide output swing 20 4 V p p differential RLOAD of 100 from 12 V supply High output current Low distortion 95 dBc typical at 1 MHz VOUT 2 V p p G 5 RLOAD 50 69 dBc typical at 10 MHz VOUT 2 V p p G 5 RLOAD 50 Power management and shutdown Control inputs CMOS level compatible Shutdown quiescent current 0 65 mA amplifier Adjustable low quiescent current 3 9 mA to 7 6 mA per amp APPLICATIONS Home networking line drivers Twisted pair line drivers Power line communications Video line drivers ARB line drivers I Q channel amplifiers PIN CONFIGURATIONS ADA4310 1 VS 1 NIC 2 OUT A 3 IN A 4 IN A 5 10 OUT B 9 IN B 8 IN B 7 PD1 6 PD0 NOTES 1 THE EXPOSED PAD MUST BE CONNECTED TO GROUND ELECTRICAL CONNECTION REQUIRED 2 NIC NO INTERNAL CONNECTION Figure 1 Thermally Enhanced 10 Lead MINI_SO_EP 16 OUT A 15 NIC 14 VS 13 OUT B 06027 001 NIC 1 IN A 2 IN A 3 GND 4 ADA4310 1 12 NIC 11 IN B 10 IN B 9 PD1 NIC 5 NIC 6 VS 7 PD0 8 06027 002 NOTES 1 NIC NO INTERNAL CONNECTION 2 THE EXPOSED PAD MUST BE CONNECTED TO GND Figure 2 T

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Manufacturers : Analog Devices

ANALOGS - ADA4310-1 Datasheet PDF


High Current Output Line Driver

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