What is STS2309A?

This is P -Channel Enhancement Mode Field Effect Transistor.

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S amHop Microelectronics C orp S T S 2309A Dec 22 2004 P C hannel E nhancement Mode Field E ffect Trans is tor P R ODUC T S UMMAR Y V DS S 20V F E AT UR E S m W Max ID 2 3A R DS ON S uper high dense cell design for low R DS ON 130 V G S 4 5V 190 V G S 2 5V R ugged and reliable S OT 23 package D S OT 23 D S G G S AB S OL UTE MAXIMUM R ATINGS T A 25 C unles s otherwis e noted P arameter Drain S ource Voltage Gate S ource Voltage Drain C urrent C ontinuousa Tc 25 C b P ulsed Drain S ource Diode Forward C urrent a Maximum P ower Dissipation a Operating Junction and S torage Temperature R ange S ymbol V DS V GS ID IDM IS PD T J T S TG Limit 20 10 2 3 8 1 25 1 25 55 to 150 Unit V V A A A W C THE R MAL CHAR ACTE R IS TICS Thermal R esistance Junction to Ambient a R thJA 100 C W 1 S T S 2309A E LE CTR ICAL CHAR ACTE R IS TICS T A 25 C unless otherwise noted Parameter OFF CHAR ACTE R IS TICS Drain S ource Breakdown Voltage Zero Gate Voltage Drain Current Gate Body Leakage BV DS S IDS S IGS S V GS th R DS ON ID ON gFS C IS S C OS S CRSS c S ymbol Condition V GS 0V ID 250uA V DS 16V V GS 0V V GS 10V V DS 0V V DS V GS ID 250uA V GS 4 5V ID 2 3A V GS 2 5V ID 1 0A V DS 5

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Manufacturers : SamHop Microelectronics

SAMHOP - STS2309A Datasheet PDF


P -Channel Enhancement Mode Field Effect Transistor

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   Samhop STS2309

   Transistor : P-Channel Enhancement Mode Field Effect Transistor


   [ SamHop Microelectronics ]

   Id IDT2309A Buffer



   [ Integrated Device ]

   Id IDT2309A-1DC Buffer



   [ Integrated Device ]

   Id IDT2309A-1DCG Buffer



   [ Integrated Device ]


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