What is MSM6658A?

This is (MSM665x) Internal Mask ROM Voice Synthesis IC.

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FEDL6650 03 Semiconductor This version Jul 2000 Previous version Sep 1999 MSM6652 53 54 55 56 xxx MSM6652A 53A www datasheetgo.com 54A 55A 56A 58A xxx MSM66P54 xx MSM66P56 xx MSM6650 Internal Mask ROM Voice Synthesis IC Internal One Time Programmable OTP ROM Voice Synthesis IC External ROM Drive Voice Synthesis IC This document contains minimum specifications For full specifications please contact your nearest Oki office or representative GENERAL DESCRIPTION The MSM6650 family is the successor to OKI s MSM6375 family To ensure high quality voice synthesis the MSM6650 family members offer adaptive differential pulse code modulation ADPCM playback pulse code modulation PCM playback 12 bit D A conversion and on chip 40 dB octave low pass filter LPF The conventional beep tones and 2 channel playback are now easier to use OKI has added additional functions such as melody play fade out and random playback OKI has improved external control by adding an Edit ROM The Edit ROM can be used to form sentences by linking phrases The MSM6650 family members can support a variety of applications as it can function in either Standalone Mode or Microcontroller Interface Mode In Microcontroller Interface Mode serial input control i

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Manufacturers : OKI electronic componets

OKI - MSM6658A Datasheet PDF


(MSM665x) Internal Mask ROM Voice Synthesis IC

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   Oki MSM6658A-xxx

   Data : (MSM665x) Internal Mask ROM Voice Synthesis IC


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   Oki MSM6658A-xxx Data

   (MSM665x) Internal Mask ROM Voice Synthesis IC


   [ OKI electronic componets ]


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