What is MSM6691?

This is DRAM Interface IC.

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Semiconductor MSM6691 Semiconductor DRAM Interface IC MSM6691 GENERAL DESCRIPTION DRAMs can be used for voice storage by connecting the MSM6691 with OKI s integrate R W Read Write ICs the MSM6388 and the MSM6588 The MSM6691 translates the signals associated with the dedicated serial register interface of the MSM6388 and MSM6588 driver interface when used in a stand alone mode FEATURES DRAM 1 bit configuration 1 Mbit DRAM M 51100A M511001A Four units can be used 4 Mbit DRAM M 514100A M514101A Four units can be used Power voltage 5V single Built in refresh circuit RAS only refresh Oscillation frequency 8MHz during refresh Sampling frequency 4 kHz to 32 kHz when MSM6388 is connected 4 kHz to 16 kHz when MSM6588 is connected Package 44 pin plastic QFP QFP44 P 910 2K Product name MSM6691GS 2K MSM6691 Semiconductor BLOCK DIAGRAM TEST TEST GND VDD SAD Sin P OUT 10 Row Address Counter LD 10 Column or Row Address Multiplexer A10 11 Address Multiplexer 11 A0 to A10 CK SAS TAS 10 11 XT OSC XT R Column Address Counter Refresh Counter WE RWCK 4M 1M to CS4 4 Timing and Control XWE DRAM CAS Control CONTROL 4 RAS CAS1 to CAS4 BANK0 D0 D1 LE Q0 Q1 BANK1 BKLE D OUT

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Manufacturers : OKI electronic componets

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DRAM Interface IC

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