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E2B0030 27 Y2 Semiconductor Semiconductor MSM6698 80 DOT COMMON DRIVER This version Nov 1997 MSM6698 Previous version Mar 1996 GENERAL DESCRIPTION The MSM6698 is a dot matrix LCD common driver Fabricated in CMOS technology the device consists of an 80 bit bi directional shift register 80 bit level shifter and 80 bit 4 level driver The MSM6698 is equipped with 80 LCD output pins By connecting more than two MSM6698s in series this LSI is applicable to a wide LCD panel FEATURES Logic supply voltage 2 7 to 5 5 V LCD drive voltage 18 to 28 V Applicable LCD duty 1 64 to 1 240 Interface with MSM6599B 80 dot segment driver Package 100 pin plastic QFP QFP100 P 1420 0 65 K Product name MSM6698GS K 1 8 Semiconductor MSM6698 BLOCK DIAGRAM O1 O2 V1R V2R V5R VEER O79O80 V1L V2L V5L VEEL 80 BIT 4 LEVEL DRIVER VDD VEE DF DISP OFF 80 Bit LEVEL SHIFTER VDD VSS SHL IO1 CP VDDR L VSS 80 Bit BIDIRECTIONAL SHIFT REGISTER IO80 Note VDDR L indicates an abbreviation of VDDR and VDDL 2 8 Semiconductor MSM6698 PIN CONFIGURATION TOP VIEW O51 O52 O53 O54 O55 O56 O57 O58 O59 O60 O61 O62 O63 O64 O65 O66 O67 O68 O69 O70 O71 O72 O73 O74 O75 O76 O77 O78 O79 O80 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19

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Manufacturers : OKI electronic componets

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