What is TLP763J?

This is TOSHIBA Photocoupler GaAs Ired+Photo Triac.

A Triac is a type of solid-state AC switch that can be triggered on and off at any point in the AC waveform. It is commonly used for phase control applications such as dimming lights or controlling the speed of AC motors. Triacs are similar in operation to thyristors, but unlike thyristors, triacs can switch both polarities of the AC waveform.

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TLP763J TENTATIVE TOSHIBA Photocoupler GaAs Ired Photo Triac TLP763J Office Machine Household Use Equipment Triac Driver Solid State Relay The TOSHIBA TLP763J consists of a GaAs infrared LED optically coupled to a zero voltage crossing turn on photo triac in a 6 lead plastic DIP Peak off state voltage 600 V min Trigger LED current 10 mA max On state current 100 mA max Isolation voltage 4000Vrms min UL recognized UL1577 file No E67349 BSI approved BS EN60065 1994 Certificate No 7831 BS EN60065 1992 Certificate No 7832 SEMKO approved SS EN60065 EN60065 1993 SS EN60950 EN60950 1992 SS EN60335 EN60335 1988 Certificate No 9522145 Option D4 type VDE approved DIN VDE0884 06 92 Certificate No 91803 Maximum operating insulation voltage 890 VPK Highest permissible over voltage 6000 VPK Note When a VDE0884 approved type is needed please designate the option D4 1 2 3 ZC 1 Anode 2 Cathode 3 Nc 4 Triac 1 6 Triac 2 4 6 Unit in mm TOSHIBA Weight 0 42g 11 7A10 Pin Configuration top view Creepage distance Clearance Insulation thickness 7 62mm pich TLP763J type 7 0mm min 7 0mm min 0 5mm min 10 16mm pich TLP763JF type 8 0mm min 8 0mm min

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A triac consists of three layers of alternating P-type and N-type semiconductor material, arranged in a symmetrical structure. When the gate of the triac is triggered, it becomes conductive, allowing current to flow through the device. The triac will continue to conduct until the current falls below a certain threshold value, at which point it will turn off. Triacs are widely used due to their high-power handling capability and low cost, making them a popular choice for industrial and consumer applications where AC switching is required. They are also used in applications where fast switching is needed, such as in switching power supplies, since they can switch on and off very quickly.

Manufacturers : Toshiba Semiconductor

TOSHIBA - TLP763J Datasheet PDF


TOSHIBA Photocoupler GaAs Ired+Photo Triac

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