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A photocoupler, also known as an optocoupler or an optical isolator, is an electronic component that provides electrical isolation between two circuits while allowing them to communicate with each other optically. It typically consists of an LED and a photodetector, such as a photodiode or a phototransistor, housed in a single package.

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TOSHIBA PHOTOCOUPLER GaA As IRED PHOTO IC TLP553 Low input current line receiver Telephone ring detector Current loop receiver Interfaces for computer measurement equipment and control equipment Data transfer between circuits of different potentials TLP553 Unit mm TLP553 is a darlington 8 pin DIP photocoupler which consists of a GaA As IRED LED and a photodiode and a high gain transistor integrated into a detector chip As it uses a high speed high gain detector element TLP553 is ideal for applications which require low input current and high speed data transmission Current transfer ratio 400 min IF 0 5 mA Operating temperature 0 to 70 C guaranteed Switching speed tpHL 2 s tpLH 4 s typ RL 4 7 k IF 0 5 mA Isolation voltage 2500 Vrms min UL recognized UL1577 file no E67349 JEDEC JEITA TOSHIBA 11 10C4 Weight 0 54 g typ Pin Configurations Schematic 1 N C 2 Anode 3 Cathode 4 N C 5 GND emitter 6 VO collector 7 Base 8 VCC 1 2009 02 17 Absolute Maximum Rating Ta 25 C TLP553 Characteristics Symbol Rating Unit Detector LED Forward current Pulse forward current Peak transient forward current Reverse voltage Diode power dissipation Output curre

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The LED transmits an optical signal to the photodetector, which converts it into an electrical signal that can be used to trigger or switch another circuit. The isolation provided by a photocoupler makes it useful for applications that require electrical isolation for safety reasons, such as medical equipment or industrial control systems. It also helps to reduce noise and interference in sensitive analog circuits, and can protect sensitive microcontrollers and other digital circuits from high voltage transients.

Manufacturers : Toshiba

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