What is BS-A564RD?

This is Single Digital LED Displays.

An LED driver is an electronic device that regulates the power supply to an LED or a group of LEDs. It is a crucial component in LED lighting systems, as it ensures that the LEDs receive a constant and appropriate amount of power, which is necessary for optimal performance and longevity.

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Datasheet Summary in PDF File

Single Digit LED Displays 16 Segment 7 Segment 1 Overflow Part No Digit Size Common Anode BS A561RD BS A565RD BS A565RE BS A562RD BS A563RD BS A564RD BS A566RD 0 50 BS A56DRD Alpha Numeric BS A561RD A Displays BS A565RD A BS A565RE A BS A562RD A BS A563RD A BS A564RD A BS A566RD A BS A56DRD A BS A531RD BS A535RD BS A535RE BS A532RD BS A533RD BS A534RD 0 52 Single Digit BS A536RD BS A53DRD BS A541RD BS A545RD BS A545RE BS A542RD BS A543RD BS A544RD BS A546RD BS A54DRD BS A511RD BS A515RD BS A515RE BS A512RD BS A513RD BS A514RD BS A516RD BS A51DRD Common Cathode BS C561RD BS C565RD BS C565RE BS C562RD BS C563RD BS C564RD BS C566RD BS C56DRD BS C561RD A BS C565RD A BS C565RE A BS C562RD A BS C563RD A BS C564RD A BS C566RD A BS C56DRD A BS C531RD BS C535RD BS C535RE BS C532RD BS C533RD BS C534RD BS C536RD BS C53DRD BS C541RD BS C545RD BS C545RE BS C542RD BS C543RD BS C544RD BS C546RD BS C54DRD BS C511RD BS C515RD BS C515RE BS C512RD BS C513RD BS C514RD BS C516RD BS C51DRD Chip Material Emitted Color GaAsP Red GaP Bright Red GaP Green GaAsP GaP Yellow GaAsP GaP Hi Eff Red GaAsP GaP Orange GaAlAs SH Super Red GaAlAs DH Super Red GaAsP Red GaP Bright Red GaP Green GaAsP GaP Yellow GaAsP GaP Hi Eff Red GaAsP GaP Orange GaAlAs SH Super Red GaAlAs D

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One of the primary functions of an LED driver is to ensure that the LEDs receive a constant current, which is necessary for maintaining consistent brightness and color temperature. To achieve this, many LED drivers use pulse-width modulation (PWM) to control the current flowing to the LEDs, allowing for precise regulation and dimming.

Manufacturers : American Bright Optoelectronics

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Single Digital LED Displays

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