What is SL6270C?

This is Gain Controlled Microphone Preamplifier / Vogad.

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THIS DOCUMENT IS FOR MAINTENANCE PURPOSES ONLY AND IS NOT RECOMMENDED FOR NEW DESIGNS DS 3301 1 SL6270C GAIN CONTROLLED MICROPHONE PREAMPLIFIER VOGAD The SL6270 is a silicon integrated circuit combining the functions of audio amplifier and voice operated gain adjusting device VOGAD It is designed to accept signals from a low sensitivity microphone and to provide an essentially constant output signal for a 50dB range of input The dynamic range attack and decay times are controlled by external components MAIN AMP OUTPUT MAIN AMP INPUT 7 0V 6 5 PREAMP INPUT PREAMP INPUT 4 3 V CC 8 1 2 PREAMP OUTPUT AGC TIME CONST CM8 Fig 1 Pin connections SL6270 CM bottom view FEATURES Constant Output Signal Fast Attack Low Power Consumption Simple Circuitry AGC TIME CONST PREAMP OUPUT V CC PREAMP INPUT 1 2 3 4 8 7 6 5 MAIN AMP OUTPUT MAIN AMP INPUT 0V PREAMP INPUT APPLICATIONS Audio AGC Systems Transmitter Overmodulation Protection Tape Recorders DP8 MP8 Fig 2 Pin connections SL6270 DP top view QUICK REFERENCE DATA Supply Voltage 4 5V to 10V Voltage Gain 52dB 100n V CC PREAMP OUTPUT 2 MAIN AMP 7 INPUT 10k 680 ABSOLUTE MAXIMUM RATINGS Supply voltage 12V Storage temperature 55 C to 125 C 4 PREAMP INPUTS 8 5 MAIN AMP OUTPUT AGC 2k

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Manufacturers : GEC Plessey Semiconductors

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Gain Controlled Microphone Preamplifier / Vogad

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