What is CA124?

This is Operational Amplifiers for Commercial / Industrial and Military Applications.

An operational amplifier (op-amp) is an electronic device that amplifies an input signal and produces an output that is much larger than the input signal. It is commonly used in analog circuits, such as filters, oscillators, and amplifiers. The input terminals are designed to accept both positive and negative signals, which allows the op-amp to amplify both AC and DC signals.

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NO CT T O D U C E ME N R P E A L T RE P OLE OB S E N D E D M OM Data Sheet RE C CA124 CA224 CA324 LM324 LM2902 May 2001 File Number 796 5 itle 12 224 324 324 290 bad Hz raal plis usl ilis tho yds er Quad 1MHz Operational Amplifiers for Commercial Industrial and Military Applications The CA124 CA224 CA324 LM324 and LM2902 consist of four independent high gain operational amplifiers on a single monolithic substrate An on chip capacitor in each of the amplifiers provides frequency compensation for unity gain These devices are designed specially to operate from either single or dual supplies and the differential voltage range is equal to the power supply voltage Low power drain and an input common mode voltage range from 0V to V 1 5V single supply operation make these devices suitable for battery operation Features Operation from Single or Dual Supplies Unity Gain Bandwidth 1MHz Typ DC Voltage Gain 100dB Typ Input Bias Current 45nA Typ Input Offset Voltage 2mV Typ Input Offset Current CA224 CA324 LM324 LM2902 5

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Op-amps can be used in a variety of configurations, such as inverting and non-inverting amplifiers, integrators, differentiators, and voltage followers. Each configuration is designed to perform a specific function and has a specific gain and frequency response.

Manufacturers : Intersil Corporation

INTERSIL - CA124 Datasheet PDF


Operational Amplifiers for Commercial / Industrial and Military Applications

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