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A semiconductor buffer driver is an electronic circuit used to isolate and amplify signals between two different electronic systems or components. It is typically used in applications where it is necessary to transfer a signal from a source with a high output impedance to a load with a low input impedance, or vice versa. The buffer drive provides a low-impedance output and a high-impedance input, which helps to prevent signal loss and distortion.

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DATA SHEET MOS INTEGRATED CIRCUIT PD485505 LINE BUFFER 5K WORD BY 8 BIT Description The PD485505 is a 5 048 words by 8 bits high speed FIFO First In First Out line buffer Its CMOS static circuitry provides high speed access and low power consumption The PD485505 can be used for one line delay and time axis conversion in high speed facsimile machines and digital copiers Moreover the PD485505 can execute read and write operations independently on an asynchronous basis Thus the PD485505 is suitable as a buffer for data transfer between units with different transfer rates and as a buffer for the synchronization of multiple input signals There are three versions E K P and L This data sheet can be applied to the version P and L These versions operate with different specifications Each version is identified with its lot number refer to 7 Example of Stamping Features 5 048 words by 8 bits Asynchronous read write operations available Variable length delay bits 21 to 5 048 bits Cycle time 25 ns 15 to 5 048 bits Cycle time 35 ns Power supply voltage VCC 5 0 V 0 5 V Suitable for sampling one line of A3 size paper 16 dots mm All input output TTL compatible 3 state output Full static operation

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Semiconductor buffer drives are commonly used in audio amplifiers, radio frequency (RF) amplifiers, and other electronic circuits where signal isolation and amplification are required. They provide a simple and efficient way to transfer signals between different electronic systems or components while maintaining signal integrity and minimizing distortion.

Manufacturers : NEC

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