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The Schottky Barrier Diode (SBD) is formed by the junction of a metal contact and a semiconductor material, typically silicon or gallium arsenide. Unlike a p-n junction diode, which uses a p-type and an n-type semiconductor material, the SBD uses a metal and a semiconductor material. The metal is chosen for its low work function, which results in a small barrier height at the metal-semiconductor interface, allowing for efficient carrier injection. The main advantage of an SBD is its fast switching speed and low forward voltage drop, which makes it ideal for high-frequency and high-

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STPS30150CT CW CFP HIGH VOLTAGE POWER SCHOTTKY RECTIFIER MAIN PRODUCT CHARACTERISTICS A1 IF AV VRRM Tj VF max FEATURES AND BENEFITS s 2 x 15 A 150 V 175 C 0 75 V A2 A2 K A1 K TO 220FPAB STPS30150CFP s s s s HIGH JUNCTION TEMPERATURE CAPABILITY GOOD TRADE OFF BETWEEN LEAKAGE CURRENT AND FORWARD VOLTAGE DROP LOW LEAKAGE CURRENT INSULATED PACKAGE TO 220FPAB Insulating voltage 2000V DC Capacitance 45pF AVALANCHE CAPABILITY SPECIFIED A2 K A1 A2 K A1 DESCRIPTION Dual center tap schottky rectifier designed for high frequency Switched Mode Power Supplies ABSOLUTE RATINGS limiting values per diode Symbol VRRM IF RMS IF AV RMS forward current Average forward current 0 5 Parameter Repetitive peak reverse voltage TO 247 STPS30150CW TO 220AB STPS30150CT Value 150 30 per diode per device 15 30 tp 10 ms sinusoidal tp 1 s Tj 25 C 220 10500 65 to 175 175 10000 Unit V A A TO 220FPAB Tc 110 C TO 220AB TO 247 Tc 155 C IFSM PARM Tstg Tj dV dt Surge non repetitive forward current Repetitive peak avalanche power Storage temperature range Maximum operating junction temperature Critical rate of rise of reverse voltage A W C C V s dPtot 1 thermal runaway condition for a diode on its own heatsink dTj Rth j

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SBDs are commonly used in power supplies, voltage regulators, and DC-DC converters, as well as in high-frequency applications such as mixers and detectors in radio and microwave circuits.

Manufacturers : ST Microelectronics

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