What is NE5562?

This is Switched-mode power supply control circuit.

[PDF] Complete Technical Details can be found in the NE5562 datasheet provided at this page.

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Philips Semiconductors Product specification Switched mode power supply control circuit NE SE5562 DESCRIPTION The NE SE5562 is a single output control circuit for switched mode power supplies This single monolithic IC contains all control and protection features needed for full featured switched mode power supplies The 100mA source sink output is designed to drive power FETs directly The associated output logic is designed to prevent double pulsing or cross conduction current spiking on the output All of the control and protect features work cycle by cycle up to the maximum operating frequency of 600kHz For ease of interface all digital inputs are TTL or CMOS compatible The NE5562 is supplied in 20 pin glass ceramic Cerdip plastic DIP and plastic SO packages The NE grade part is characterized and guaranteed over the commercial ambient temperature range of 0 C to 70 C and junction temperature range of 0 C to 85 C The SE5562 is supplied in the glass ceramic Cerdip package The SE grade part is characterized and guaranteed over the ambient temperature range of 55 to 125 C and junction temperature range of 55 to 135 C PIN CONFIGURATION D F N Packages FEED FORWARD 1 CT 2 RT 3 EXTERNAL MOD IN 4 DUTY CYCLE CONTROL 5 REMOTE ON OFF 6

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Manufacturers : Philipss

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Switched-mode power supply control circuit

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