What is X1725665DD8B?

This is QPRO Family of XC1700D QML Configuration PROMs.

[PDF] Complete Technical Details can be found in the X1725665DD8B datasheet provided at this page.

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0 R QPRO Family of XC1700D QML Configuration PROMs 0 2 DS070 v2 1 June 1 2000 Product Specification Features Certified to MIL PRF 38535 Appendix A QML Qualified Manufacturer Listing Also available under the following Standard Microcircuit Drawings SMD 5962 94717 and 5962 95617 Configuration one time programmable OTP read only memory designed to store configuration bitstreams of Xilinx FPGA devices On chip address counter incremented by each rising edge on the clock input Simple interface to the FPGA requires only one user I O pin Cascadable for storing longer or multiple bitstreams Programmable reset polarity active High or active Low for compatibility with different FPGA solutions Low power CMOS EPROM process Available in 5V version only Programming support by leading programmer manufacturers Design support using the Xilinx Alliance and Foundation series software packages Description The XC1700D QPRO family of configuration PROMs provide an easy to use cost effective method for storing Xilinx FPGA configuration bitstreams When the FPGA is in Master Serial mode it generates a configuration clock that drives the PROM A short access time after the rising clock edge data appears on the PROM DATA output pin that is connec

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Manufacturers : Xilinx Inc

XILINX - X1725665DD8B Datasheet PDF


QPRO Family of XC1700D QML Configuration PROMs

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