What is 8090?

This is LDMOS RF Power Field Effect Transistor.

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PTF080901 LDMOS RF Power Field Effect Transistor 90 W 869 960 MHz Description Features The PTF080901 is a 90 W internally matched GOLDMOS FET intended for EDGE and CDMA applications in the 860 to 960 MHz band Full gold metallization ensures excellent device lifetime and reliability EDGE Modulation Spectrum Performance VDD 28 V IDQ 700 mA f 959 8 MHz 0 55 10 Ef f iciency 50 20 45 30 40 40 35 50 400 kHz 60 30 25 Broadband internal matching Typical EDGE performance Average output power 45 W Gain 18 dB Efficiency 40 Typical CW performance Output power at P 1dB 120 W Gain 17 dB Efficiency 60 Integrated ESD protection Human Body Model Class 1 minimum Excellent thermal stability Low HCI drift Capable of handling 10 1 VSWR 28 V 90 W CW output power Modulation Spectrum dB Drain Efficiency 70 20 80 600 kHz 15 90 10 36 38 40 42 44 46 48 50 PTF080901E Package 30248 Output Power dBm ESD Electrostatic discharge sensitive device observe handling precautions PTF080901F Package 31248 RF Characteristics at TCASE 25 C unless otherwise indicated EDGE Measurements not subject to production test verified by design characterization in Infineon test fixt

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Manufacturers : Infineon Technologies AG

INFINEON - 8090 Datasheet PDF


LDMOS RF Power Field Effect Transistor

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   Infineon 8090

   Transistor : LDMOS RF Power Field Effect Transistor 90 W/ 869-960 MHz


   [ Infineon Technologies AG ]

   Infineon 8090 Transistor

   LDMOS RF Power Field Effect Transistor 90 W/ 869-960 MHz


   [ Infineon Technologies AG ]

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   Schottky MiniMod


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