What is X20C04DM-25?

This is Nonvolatile Static RAM.

Static RAM (SRAM) is a type of computer memory that uses flip-flop circuits to store each bit of data. Unlike dynamic RAM (DRAM), which needs to be refreshed many times per second, SRAM retains its data as long as power is supplied to the circuit. SRAM is typically faster more than DRAM.

[PDF] Complete Technical Details can be found in the X20C04DM-25 datasheet provided at this page.

Summary in PDF File

X20C04 4K X20C04 Nonvolatile Static RAM 512 x 8 Bit FEATURES DESCRIPTION The Xicor X20C04 is a 512 x 8 NOVRAM featuring a static RAM overlaid bit for bit with a nonvolatile electrically erasable PROM E2PROM The X20C04 is fabricated with advanced CMOS floating gate technology to achieve low power and wide power supply margin The X20C04 features the JEDEC approved pinout for bytewide memories compatible with industry standard RAMs ROMs EPROMs and E2PROMs The NOVRAM design allows data to be easily transferred from RAM to E2PROM store and E2PROM to RAM recall The store operation is completed in 5ms or less and the recall operation is completed in 5 s or less Xicor NOVRAMS are designed for unlimited write operations to RAM either from the host or recalls from E2PROM and a minimum 1 000 000 store operations to the E2PROM Data retention is specified to be greater than 100 years High Reliability Endurance 1 000 000 Nonvolatile Store Operations Retention 100 Years Minimum Power on Recall E2PROM Data Automatically Recalled Into SRAM Upon Power up Lock Out Inadvertent Store Operations Low Power CMOS Standby 250 A Infinite E2PROM Array Recall and RAM Read and Write Cycles Compatible with X2004 PIN CONFIG

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Manufacturers : Xicor

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Nonvolatile Static RAM

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