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The Schottky Barrier Diode (SBD) is formed by the junction of a metal contact and a semiconductor material, typically silicon or gallium arsenide. Unlike a p-n junction diode, which uses a p-type and an n-type semiconductor material, the SBD uses a metal and a semiconductor material. The metal is chosen for its low work function, which results in a small barrier height at the metal-semiconductor interface, allowing for efficient carrier injection. The main advantage of an SBD is its fast switching speed and low forward voltage drop, which makes it ideal for high-frequency and high-

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SBL6030PT SBL6060PT 60A SCHOTTKY BARRIER RECTIFIER Features Schottky Barrier Chip Guard Ring Die Construction for Transient Protection Low Power Loss High Efficiency High Surge Capability High Current Capability and Low Forward Voltage Drop For Use in Low Voltage High Frequency Inverters Free Wheeling and Polarity Protection Application Plastic Material UL Flammability Classification Rating 94V 0 TO 3P Dim A Min 3 20 4 59 20 80 19 70 2 10 0 51 15 90 1 70 3 10 3 50 5 20 1 12 1 93 2 97 11 70 Max 3 50 5 16 21 30 20 20 2 40 0 76 16 40 2 70 3 30 4 51 5 70 1 22 2 18 3 22 12 80 H S R P 2 Places N Q L G A B B C D E J K C G H J K L M N Mechanical Data Case Molded Plastic Terminals Plated Leads Solderable per MIL STD 202 Method 208 Polarity As Marked on Body Weight 5 6 grams approx Mounting Position Any Marking Type Number D E M M P Q R S 4 30 Typical All Dimensions in mm TA 25 C unless otherwise specified Maximum Ratings and Electrical Characteristics Single phase half wave 60Hz resistive or inductive load For capacitive load derate current by 20 Characteristic Peak Repetitive Reverse Voltage Working Peak Reverse Voltage DC Blocking Voltage RMS Reverse Voltage Average Rectified Outp

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SBDs are commonly used in power supplies, voltage regulators, and DC-DC converters, as well as in high-frequency applications such as mixers and detectors in radio and microwave circuits.

Manufacturers : Diodes Incorporated

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