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Fast switching diodes have a low reverse recovery time, which means that they can quickly switch from the forward bias state to the reverse bias state and vice versa.

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BAV19WS BAV21WS SURFACE MOUNT FAST SWITCHING DIODE Features Fast Switching Speed Surface Mount Package Ideally Suited for Automatic Insertion For General Purpose Switching Applications High Conductance H G A B C E D SOD 323 Dim A J Min 2 30 1 60 1 20 0 25 0 20 0 10 0 Max 2 70 1 80 1 40 0 35 0 40 0 15 8 Mechanical Data Case SOD 323 Molded Plastic Case material UL Flammability Rating Classification 94V 0 Moisture Sensitivity Level 1 per J STD 020A Terminals Solderable per MIL STD 202 Method 208 Terminal Connections Cathode Band See Page 2 BAV19WS Marking A8 or T2 or T3 BAV20WS Marking T2 or T3 BAV21WS Marking T3 Weight 0 004 grams approx B C D 1 05 Typical a E G H J a 0 05 Typical All Dimensions in mm Maximum Ratings TA 25 C unless otherwise specified Characteristic Repetitive Peak Reverse Voltage Working Peak Reverse Voltage DC Blocking Voltage RMS Reverse Voltage Forward Continuous Current Note 1 Average Rectified Output Current Note 1 Non Repetitive Peak Forward Surge Current t 1 0ms t 1 0s Repetitive Peak Forward Surge Current Power Dissipation Thermal Resistance Junction to Ambient Air Note 1 Operating and Storage Temperature Range Symbol VRRM VRWM VR VR RMS IFM IO I

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The low reverse recovery time of fast switching diodes makes them ideal for use in high-frequency applications such as switching power supplies, pulse generators, and radio frequency (RF) circuits. These diodes are widely used in electronic circuits due to their fast switching times, low forward voltage drop, and high reliability.

Manufacturers : Diodes Incorporated

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