What is A29L800TM-90?

This is 1M X 8 Bit / 512K X 16 Bit CMOS 3.0 Volt-only/ Boot Sector Flash Memory.

[PDF] Complete Technical Details can be found in the A29L800TM-90 datasheet provided at this page.

Summary in PDF File

A29L800 Series 1M X 8 Bit 512K X 16 Bit CMOS 3 0 Volt only Preliminary Features n Single power supply operation Full voltage range 2 7 to 3 6 volt read and write operations for battery powered applications n Access times 70 90 max n Current 9 mA typical active read current 20 mA typical program erase current 200 nA typical CMOS standby 200 nA Automatic Sleep Mode current n Flexible sector architecture 16 Kbyte 8 KbyteX2 32 Kbyte 64 KbyteX15 sectors 8 Kword 4 KwordX2 16 Kword 32 KwordX15 sectors Any combination of sectors can be erased Supports full chip erase Sector protection A hardware method of protecting sectors to prevent any inadvertent program or erase operations within that sector Temporary Sector Unprotect feature allows code changes in previously locked sectors n Extended operating temperature range 45 C 85 C for U series n Unlock Bypass Program Command Reduces overall programming time when issuing multiple program command sequence n Top or bottom boot block configurations available n Embedded Algorithms Embedded Erase algorithm will automatically erase the entire chip or any combination of designated sectors and verify the erased sectors Embedded Program algorithm automatically writes and verifies

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Manufacturers : AMIC Technology

AMIC - A29L800TM-90 Datasheet PDF


1M X 8 Bit / 512K X 16 Bit CMOS 3.0 Volt-only/ Boot Sector Flash Memory

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