What is X0605MK?

This is Thyristor.

A thyristor is a type of solid-state semiconductor device that acts as a switch and controls the flow of current in an electrical circuit. Thyristors have three or four layers of alternating p-type and n-type semiconductor material and are typically triggered into operation by a small current applied to the gate terminal.

[PDF] Complete Technical Details can be found in the X0605MK datasheet provided at this page.

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X0605MK Rev F Mar 2016 Descriptions TO 92 Thyristor in a TO 92 Plastic Package DATA SHEET Features Lower on state voltage drop Sensitive and consistent trigger characteristics High reliability Applications Used in pulse ignition devices negative ion generator small motor controller leakage protection and other circuit power control Equivalent Circuit Pinning 123 PIN1 Anode PIN 2 Gate PIN 3 Cathode hFE Classifications Marking See Marking Instructions http www fsbrec com 1 6 X0605MK Rev F Mar 2016 Absolute Maximum Ratings Ta 25 Parameter Symbol Repetitive peak off state voltages VDRM VRRM RMS o

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Once triggered, the thyristor remains in the "on" state until the current flowing through the device is interrupted or the voltage across the device falls below a certain level. Thyristors have several advantages over traditional mechanical switches, including high reliability, fast switching speeds, and the ability to handle high currents and voltages. They also have a number of disadvantages, including sensitivity to temperature changes, slow turn-off time, and the need for external triggering circuitry.


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