What is LV20150FCT?

This is Schottky Diode.

The Schottky Barrier Diode (SBD) is formed by the junction of a metal contact and a semiconductor material, typically silicon or gallium arsenide. Unlike a p-n junction diode, which uses a p-type and an n-type semiconductor material, the SBD uses a metal and a semiconductor material. The metal is chosen for its low work function, which results in a small barrier height at the metal-semiconductor interface, allowing for efficient carrier injection. The main advantage of an SBD is its fast switching speed and low forward voltage drop, which makes it ideal for high-frequency and high-

[PDF] Complete Technical Details can be found in the LV20150FCT datasheet provided at this page.

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LV20150FCT Rev F Mar 2016 Descriptions TO 220F Schottky Diode in a TO 220F Plastic Package DATA SHEET Features Low forward voltage drop low power losses High efficiency operation Applications OR ing DC DC For use in high frequency inverters switching power supplies freewheeling diodes OR ing diode dc to dc converters and reverse battery protection Equivalent Circuit Pinning 123 PIN1 Anode PIN 2 Cathode PIN 3 Anode hFE Classifications Marking See Marking Instructions http www fsbrec com 1 6 LV20150FCT Rev F Mar 2016 Absolute Maximum Ratings Ta 25 Parameter Recurrent Peak Reverse Voltage Working Peak Reverse Voltage DC Blocking Volt

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SBDs are commonly used in power supplies, voltage regulators, and DC-DC converters, as well as in high-frequency applications such as mixers and detectors in radio and microwave circuits.


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Schottky Diode

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