PCF7946AT Pinout ( Programming )

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Part Number: PCF7946AT

Functions: Transponder IC used for keyless entry systems

Package: 14-pin SO Pin Type

Manufacturer: NXP, Philips



The PCF7946AT is specifically a transponder IC used for keyless entry systems and immobilizers in automotive applications.

The HITAG2 is a high performance monolithic Security Transponder and Remote Keyless Entry Chip ideally suited for car immobiliser applications that incorporate keyless entry functions.

The HITAG2 transponder circuitry is compatible with the Security Transponder PCF7936AS to support mixed systems using a HITAG2PLUS and a standard Security Transponder, PCF7936AS at the same time.

The Transponder circuitry meets the security and performance requirements of modern car immobiliser applications. Excellent device sensitivity (large distance) and short authentication time ensure easy application and outstanding system performance. The Transponder circuitry does not require any battery supply and full operation is granted in a Keyless Entry battery low condition.

Typical Applications:

PCF7946AT pinout nxp


1. Compatible with Security Transponder, PCF7936AS.

2. Rolling Code Generator for keyless entry

3. Transponder Functionality: It can receive and transmit signals for secure access control systems.

4. Keyless Entry Systems: It is commonly used in keyless entry systems where a remote key or key fob is used to unlock or lock a vehicle’s doors remotely.

5. Immobilizer Systems: The PCF7946AT is also used in immobilizer systems, which provide anti-theft protection for vehicles by preventing unauthorized ignition.

6. Contactless Communication: The IC operates using contactless communication, typically employing a radio frequency (RF) interface.

7. Memory: The PCF7946AT features built-in memory to store identification data, encryption keys, and other relevant information.

8. Compatibility: It is compatible with various protocols and systems used in the automotive industry, such as the Inter-Integrated Circuit (I²C) bus and various RF communication standards.


1. 64/32 bit mutual authentication
2. 32 bit unique device identification number
3. Fast authentication, 39ms
4. 48 bit Secret Key
5. 128 bit user memory (EEPROM)
6. EEPROM read/write in cipher mode
7. EEPROM read/write protection capability
8. Excellent sensitivity in read and write mode


PCF7946AT datasheet pdf

PCF7946AT Datasheet File

PCF7936AS PDF ( Compatible with Security Transponder )

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