OVC3860 – Bluetooth 2.0 + EDR Stereo Audio Processor

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Part number : OVC3860

Functions : Bluetooth 2.0 + EDR stereo audio processor

Package information :  QFN 56 Pin type

Manufacturer : OmniVision Technologies ( http://www.ovt.com )


OVC3860 Audio Processor

Product Information

The OVC3860 is a highly integrated, low power single-chip Bluetooth RF transceiver and baseband processor for ultra low cost Bluetooth stereo audio solutions. The features a 2.4GHz ISM RF transceiver, Bluetooth V2.0+EDR baseband, high-quality 20-bit stereo audio CODEC and a complete on-chip power management unit including switch regulator, Lithium ion/polymer battery charger, and low lq lenar regulators.



OVC3860 pinout datasheet


1. Highly integrated single chip Bluetooth stereo audio solution

2. Low power consumption

3. Bluetooth V2.0 + EDR specification compliant

4. Integrated switch voltage regulator

5. Supports the mandatory Bluetooth compression coding / decoding scheme – Sub Band Coding (SBC) which is license-free


Block Diagram



1. Bluetooth stereo headsets
2. Bluetooth stereo speakers
3. Automotive stereo audio
4. Bluetooth mini stereo soundboxes

OVC3860 Datasheet PDF

OVC3860 pdf