OCP8164 – Non-isolated Buck LED Driver

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Part number : OCP8164

Functions : This is a kind of semiconductor, Non-isolated Buck LED Driver.

Package information : DIP 8 Pin Type

Manufacturer : Orient Chip

Pin arrangement :

OCP8164 pinout datasheet

The texts in the PDF file :

OCP8164 is an integrated 500V MOSFET high-precision non-isolated LED constant current driver chip, working in critical current continuous mode, supporting full voltage input AC85V~265V. The chip adopts DIP8 package form, integrates a 500V switch inside, and uses the CS pin to set the current. The internal working current of OCP8164 is very small (about 100uA), without auxiliary winding monitoring and power supply, and only a few peripheral components are needed for excellent output Constant current accuracy saves system cost and volume. [ … ]


1. Integrated 500V power MOSFET
2. Working in critical current mode
3. No need for auxiliary winding detection and power supply
4. Very low working current (typical value: 100uA)
5. Support AC85V~264V full voltage range input
6. No loop compensation required
7. ±5% batch consistency


1. AC/DC LED drive application
2. Signal and decorative LED lights
3. LED candle light
4. LED bulb light
5. Other LED lighting

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