NEC 2910 Datasheet – 10V, Voltage Regulator

Part number : 2910, uPC2910

Functions : 10V, Low Dropout Voltage Three Terminal Positive Regulator

Package information : TO-220 type

Manufacturer :  NEC Corporation


The uPC2910 series of low dropout voltage three terminal positive regulators is constructed with PNP output transistor. The uPC2900 series feature the ability to source 1 A of output current with a low dropout voltage of typically 0.7 V.
The power dissipation of the uPC2910 series can be drastically reduced compared with the conventional three terminal positive voltage regulators that is constructed with NPN output transistor. Also, this series corresponds to the low voltage output (3 V, 3.3 V) which is not in the conventional low dropout regulators (uPC2400A series).

Image and pinout

NEC 2910 Datasheet pinout


1. Output current in excess of 1.0 A
2. Low dropout voltage VDIF = 0.7 V TYP. (at IO = 1 A)
3. On-chip overcurrent and thermal protection circuit
4. On-chip output transistor safe area protection circuit

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uPC2910 Circuit

NEC 2910 Datasheet PDF File