NCE7580 Datasheet – N-Ch, Power MOSFET (Transistor)

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Part number : NCE7580

Functions : N-Channel Enhancement Mode Power MOSFET. This is a kind of the transistor.

Package information : TO-220-3L type

Manufacturer : NCE Power ( )

Image :

NCE7580 mosfet transistor

The texts in the PDF file : NCE7580 Pb-Free Product NCE N-Channel Enhancement Mode Power MOSFET General


The NCE7580 uses advanced trench technology and design to provide excellent RDS(ON) with low gate charge. This device is suitable for use in PWM, load switching and general purpose applications.


● VDS=75V;ID=80A@ VGS=10V; RDS(ON)<8mΩ @ VGS=10V

● Special process technology for high ESD capability

● Special designed for Convertors and power controls

● High density cell design for ultra low Rdson

● Fully characterized Avalanche voltage and current

● Good stability and uniformity with high EAS

● Excellent package for good heat dissipation 100% UIS TESTED!


● Power switching application

● Hard Switched and High Frequency Circuits

● Uninterruptible Power Supply TO-220-3L top view Schematic diagram

Package Marking And Ordering Information Device Marking Device Device Package NCE7580 7580 TO-220-3L Reel Size – Tape width – Quantity – Table 1. Absolute Maximum Ratings (TA=25℃) Parameter Drain-Source Voltage (VGS=0V) Gate-Source Voltage (VDS=0V) Drain Current (DC) at Tc=25℃ Drain Current (DC) at Tc=100℃ Drain Current-Continuous@ Current-Pulsed (Note 1) Peak diode recovery voltage Maximum Power Dissipation(Tc=25℃) Derating factor Single pulse avalanche energy (Note 2) Operating Junction and Storage Temperature Range Notes 1.Repetitive Rating: Pulse width limited by maximum junction temperature 2.EAS condition:Tj=25℃,VDD=50V,VG=10V,L=0.3mH ,ID=62A; Symbol VDS VGS ID (DC) ID (DC) IDM (pluse) dv/dt PD EAS TJ,TSTG Value 75 ±25 80 60 320 30 170 1.13 580 -55 To 175 Unit V V A A A V/ns W W/℃ mJ ℃ Wuxi NCE Power Semiconductor Co., Ltd Page 1 v1.2 NCE7580 Pb-Free Product Table 2. Thermal Characteristic Parameter Thermal Resistance,Junction-to-Case(Maximum) Thermal Resistance [ … ]


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