MT6627 PDF – Diplexer QVL – Mediatek

Part number : MT6627

Functions : Diplexer QVL for WIFI/BT/GPS Single ANT application

Package information : QFN 40 Pin Type

Manufacturer : MediaTek Inc



MT6627 datasheet


Functions :

1. Wireless connectivity 3-in-1 combo smart phone and tablet market.

2. Low cost version and MPin June,13

3. Require L TCC 1608 Diplexer of GPS and  – Require L TCC 1608 Diplexer of GPS

4. BOM Sources of Diplexer

5. The 2.4GHz/1.575GHz diplexer need to add another GPS SAW filter

6. MT6627 pin define is different from MT6628, so diplexer is not the same as MT6628






Reference site



MT6627 Datasheet PDF

MT6627 pdfMT6627 mediatek


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