MP23070N – Monolithic Synchronous Buck Regulator

Part number : MP23070N

Functions : 3A, 23V, 340KHz Synchronous Rectified Step-Down Converter

Package information : SOIC 8N Pin Type

Manufacturer : MPS ( )

Image :

MP23070N image

( Correct Part number : MP2307DN )


The MP23070N is a monolithic synchronous buck regulator. The device integrates 100mΩ MOSFETS that provide 3A of continuous load current over a wide operating input voltage of 4.75V to 23V. Current mode control provides fast transient response and cycle-by-cycle current limit. An adjustable soft-start prevents inrush current at turn-on and in shutdown mode, the supply current drops below 1µA. This device, available in an 8-pin SOIC package, provides a very compact system solution with minimal reliance on external components.


MP23070N datasheet pinout


1. 3A Continuous Output Current, 4A Peak Output Current
2. Wide 4.75V to 23V Operating Input Range
3. Integrated 100mΩPower MOSFET Switches
4. Output Adjustable from 0.925V to 20V
5. Up to 95% Efficiency
6. Programmable Soft-Start
7. Stable with Low ESR Ceramic Output Capacitors
8. Fixed 340KHz Frequency
9. Cycle-by-Cycle Over Current Protection
10. Input Under Voltage Lockout

MP23070N Datasheet PDF


Other data sheets within the file : MP23070N, MP2307DN–Z, MP23070N–Z, MP2307DN–LF–Z, MP23070N–LF–Z

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