MA8630 Power Supply IC ( Block Diagram )

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Part Number: MA8630

Functions: IC module for power supply with low standby power consumption

Package: SIP 7 Pin Type

Manufacturer: Shindengen


MA8630 datasheet


A power supply IC (Integrated Circuit) is a type of electronic component specifically designed to regulate and control the power supply in various electronic devices. It is responsible for converting and distributing electrical energy efficiently and reliably to different components within a system.

The MA8630 series is a power supply IC module that contributes to energy saving measures during standby. This product has a built-in control circuit and main switching element, and can configure a partial resonance type RCC converter with a small number of external components. A high-efficiency, low-noise power supply with low standby power consumption can be achieved using conventional power supply design methods.

Power supply ICs are used in a wide range of electronic devices and systems, including consumer electronics, mobile devices, computers, automotive electronics, industrial equipment, and more. They play a crucial role in ensuring stable and reliable power delivery to the various components, helping to protect them from voltage fluctuations, noise, and other power-related issues.


1. Extremely low power consumption at minute loads. (With a load power of 50mW and an input voltage of AC100V, the input power is 0.5W or less.)

2. High efficiency over a wide range of loads. (Efficiency of 80% or more at rated load.)

3. Very low feedback noise. (VCCI-class B compliant.)

4. Oscillation is stable even with a very small load.

5. With soft start function.

6. The number of electrical parts is small, and the circuit configuration is simple.

7. Since IC modules can be selected according to input/output specifications, design methods can be standardized and design time can be shortened.

8. Uses a full-mold package, which is advantageous for insulation design.

9. All-round input design is also possible.

Pinouts and diagram:

MA8630 pinout



MA8630 datasheet pdf

MA8630 Datasheet File

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