M5218AP Datasheet PDF – Dual Operational Amplifier

Part number : M5218AP, M5218AL, M5218AFP

Functions : Dual Low-Noise Operatinal Amplifier

Package information : DIP 8 Pin, ZIP 8 Pin

Manufacturer : Mitsubishi

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The M5218AP is semiconductor integrated circuits designed for a low noise preamplifer in audio equipment and general purpose operational amplifier in other electroic equipment.

The units can also be used as a single power supply type and amplifer in portable equipment. It is also suitable as a headphone amplifer because of its high load current.


M5218AP datasheet pinout


1. High gain, low distortion
2. Hig slew rate, high ft
3. Low noise
4. Operation with low supply voltage
5. High load current, high power dissipation

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General-purpose amplifer in stereo equipment, tape decks, and radio stero cassette recoders, active filters, servo amplifers, operational circuits in other general electronic equipment

M5218AP Datasheet PDF File