LT4368 Datasheet – Reverse Protection Controller

Part number : LT4368, LT4368-2

Function : 100V UV/OV and Reverse Protection Controller with Bidirectional Circuit Breaker

Package : 10-Pin MSOP and 3mm × 3mm DFN Type

Manufacturer : NXP, Philips Semiconductor, Texas Instruments

Typical Application

LTC4368 circuit


The LTC4368 protects applications from power supply voltages that may be too high, too low, or even negative and from overcurrent faults in both forward and reverse directions. The LTC4368 controls the gate voltage of a pair of external N-channel MOSFETs to ensure that the load is connected to the input supply only when there are no voltage or current faults.


LTC4368 pinout datasheet


1. Wide Operating Voltage Range : 2.5V to 60V
2. Overvoltage Protection to 100V
3. Reverse Supply Protection to –40V
4. Bidirectional Electronic Circuit Breaker:
(1) +50mV Forward Sense Threshold
(2) –50mV Reverse (LTC4368-1)
(3) –3mV Reverse (LTC4368-2)
5. Adjustable ±1.5% Undervoltage and Overvoltage Thresholds
6. Low Operating Current: 80μA
7. Low Shutdown Current: 5μA
8. Controls Back-to-Back N-Channel MOSFETs
9. Blocks 50Hz and 60Hz AC Power
10. Hot Swappable Supply Input
11. Pin-Selectable Overcurrent Auto-Retry Timer or Latchoff


1. Reverse Battery Protection
2. Portable Instrumentation
3. Automotive and Industrial Surge Protection
4. Energy Storage Systems

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LT4368 Datasheet