LPM-5123MU350 – 16 x 32 dot matrix display unit

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Part number : LPM-5123MU350

Functions : This is a kind of LED Display. 16 x 32 dot matrix unit.

Package information : Module type

Manufacturer : Rohm

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LPM-5123MU350 Matrix unit

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The LPM-5123MU350 is a 16×32 dot matrix display which can be used in a wide range of applications, including alphabet, numeric, symbol and graphical displays. A large display can be easily created by arranging a number of these dot matrix displays in an array, and they can be applied to a variety of display purposes. A custom LSI controller has display data memory for two screens, and data for each screen can be written and displayed in turn.
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1) 16×32 dot matrix.
Dot size : φ2.8mm
2) Dimensions : 96mm×192mm
3) High-Contrast & Wide-View display by
Potting lens technorgy (Rohm original)
4) Suport Three-color (red, green, orange)
5) 1 / 16 duty dynamic scaning.
6) Wide viewing angle.
(2θ1/2=140 degress)
7) On module Four-step brightness control.

Reference Site : https://www.avnet.com/

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