LA7848 Datasheet – TV Vertical Output + E/W Driver

Part number : LA7848

Functions : TV Vertical Output + E/W Driver with Bus Control Support

Package information : SIP10HF Type

Manufacturer : Sanyo


LA7848 TV Vertical Output EW Driver


The LA7848 is a vertical deflection plus EW driver IC for high image quality TV and CRT displays that supports the use of a bus control system signal-processing IC. The sawtooth waveform from the bus control system signal-processing IC can directly drive the deflection yoke (including the DC component). The device also provides a parabolic waveform output that can similarly be used to drive the diode modulator block.


LA7848 datasheet pinout

1. Built-in pump-up circuit for low power dissipation.
2. Vertical output circuit.
3. Excellent crossover characteristics.


LA7848 Datasheet PDF