L298 Motor Driver – Dual Full-Bridge Power Driver

L298 Datasheet PDF learn more.

Part number : L298, L298N, L298H, L298P

Functions : This is a kind of semiconductor, Dual Full-Bridge Power Driver.

Package information : Multiwatt 15, PowerSO20

Manufacturer : STMicroelectronics

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L298 Motor driver

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The L298 is a power integrated circuit usable for driving resistive and inductive loads. This device contains four push-pull drviers with separate logic inputs. Two enable inputs are provided for power down and chopping. Each driver is capable of driving loads up to 2A continuously.

Logic input to the L298 have high thresholds (1.85V) and hysteresis to provide trobule-free operation in noisy environments normally associated with motor and inductors. The L298 input currents and threholds allow the device to be driven by TTL and CMOS systems without buffering or level shifting.

The emitters fo the low-side power drviers are separately available for current sensing. Feedback from the emitters can be used to control load current in a swtiching mode, or can be used to detect load faults.


L298 Pinout

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1. Operating Supply Voltage up to 46 V
2. Total Saturation Voltage 3.4V max at 1A
3. Overtemperature Protected
4. Operates in Switched and L/R regulation Modes
5. 25W Power-Tab Package for Low Installed Cost
6. Individual Logic Inputs for Each Driver
7. Channel-Enable Logic Inputs for Driver Pairs

Block Diagram

L298 PDF File