L2269 PDF Datasheet ( Equivalent )

The L2269 is highly integrated current mode PWM control IC optimized for high performance, low standby power and cost effective offline flyblack converter applications in sub 80W range.

Functions: Current Mode PWM Controller

Package: DIP 8 Pin Type

Manufacturer: Shenzhen LIZE Electronic Technology


L2269 pdf datasheet


L2269 offers complete protection coverage with automatic self- recovery feature including Cycle-by-Cycle current limiting (OCP), over temperature protection(OTP),VDD over voltage clamp and under voltage lockout (UV LO).The Gate output is clamped to maximum 18V to protect the power MOSFET.


1. Leading edge Blanking on current sense input.

2. Internal synchronized slope compensation .

3. Extended burst mode control for improved efficiency and minimum standby power design

4. Low VDD startup current and low operating current.

5. Gate output maximum voltage clamp 18V.

6. Cycle-by-Cycle Current Limiting, Built-in Adaptive Current Peak Regulation

7. Power on Soft-start, Programmable CV and CC Regulation

8. VDD Under Voltage Lockout with Hysteresis(UVLO),OVP,OCP,OLP, Clamp VDD,

Pinouts and schematic:

L2269 pinout schematic


1. Digital Cameras Charger
2. Power adaptor
3. Set_top box power supplies
4. Open_frame SMPS
5. Battery charger

/L2269 datasheet pdf

L2269 PDF Datasheet File

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