HX2262 – Remote Control Encode IC – HX

Part number : HX2262

Function : Remote Control Encode IC

Package information : DIP 18 Pin

Manufacturer : HX



Product Information

HX2262 is a remote control encoder for encoding signals to be decoded by the HX2272 Remote decoder circuit. It encodes data and address pins into a serial coded waveform suitable for RF or IR modulation. HX2262 has a maximum of 12 bits of tri-state address pins providing up to 531,441 (or 312) address codes; thereby, drastically reducing any code collision and unauthorized code scanning possibilities. The SC5262, HX2262 and PT2262 are compatible.

1. Car Security System
2. Garage Door Controller
3. Remote Control Fan
4. Home Security/Automation System
5. Remote Control Toys
6. Remote Control for Industrial Use




1. CMOS Technology
2. Low Power Consumption
3. Very High Noise Immunity
4. Up to 12 Tri-State Code Address Pins
5. Up to 6 Data Pins
7. Wide Range of Operating Voltage: Vcc = 4 ~ 15 Volts
8. Single Resistor Oscillator
9. Latch or Momentary Output Type


Reference site :



HX2262 Datasheet PDF



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