HVP-12 Datasheet – 12KV, Voltage Diode

Part number : HVP-12, HVP12

Functions : 12KV, High Voltage Diode

Package information :  Module Type

Manufacturer : Rectron, Hvdiode, Leshan Radio Company


HVP-12 diode rectifier


1. Low leakage, resistant to surge ,resistant to shock.
2. Great avalanche voltage breakdown protection features.
3. High heat resistance,PN junction temperature peak 150℃
4. Environmentally friendly process,international standards
5. Using epoxy resin molding vacuum package, with corrosion resistant surface


HVP-12 pinout datasheet


1. Microwave oven high voltage power supply
2. Industrial and civil microwave power supply,
3. laser power supply
4. X-ray
5. Industrial CT
6. high frequency machine
7. bent wood machine
8. Other high voltage power supply.


HVP-12 Datasheet