HAF2015RJ Datasheet – N Channel MOSFET

Part number : HAF2015RJ, HAF2015RJ-EL-E

Functions : N Channel MOSFET

Package : SOP 8 Pin type

Manufactures : Hitachi Semiconductor, Renesas




This FET has the over temperature shut–down capability sensing to the junction temperature. This FET has the built–in over temperature shut–down circuit in the gate area. And this circuit operation to shut–down the gate voltage in case of high junction temperature like applying over power consumption, over current etc.


HAF2015RJ pinout datasheet


1. Logic level operation (5 to 6 V Gate drive)
2. High endurance capability against to the short circuit
3. Built–in the over temperature shut–down circuit
4. Temperature hysteresis type.
5. High density mounting

Absolute Maximum Ratings

1. Drain to source voltage : VDSS = 60 V
2. Gate to source voltage : VGSS = 16 V
3. Gate to source voltage : VGSS = –2.5 V
4. Drain current : ID = 2 A

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HAF2015RJ Datasheet