GS1085L – 3A, Low Dropout Voltage Regulator

Part number : GS1085L, GS1085LT, GS1085LM, GS1085LD, GS1085LX

Function : 3A Low Dropout Voltage Regulator

Package information : SOT-223,TO-252, TO-220 and TO-263 Type

Manufacturer : Globaltech Semiconductor ( )

Image and Pinout


Product Information

The GS1085L is a low drop voltage regulator able to provide up to 3A output current. The dropout voltage of the device is guaranteed at a maximum 1.3V at the maximum output current, decreasing at lower loads.
The GS1085L is pin compatible with older 3-terminal adjustable regulators, but has better performances in term of drop and output tolerance.




1. Three Terminal Adjustable or Fixed Output Voltages 1.5V, 1.8V, 2.5V, 3.3V and 5V
2. Guaranteed Output Current up to 3A
3. Typical Dropout 1.3V (at 3A)
4. Output Tolerance: ±2% at 25’C
5. Wind Operating Temperature Range: -40’C to 125’C


Application Circuit




1. Post Regulators for Switching Supply
2. Battery-Powered Circuitry
3. Low Voltage Logic Supplies
4. High efficiency linear regulators
5. Adjustable power supply


GS1085L Datasheet PDF


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