GS069 – DC Rotational Velocity Controller

Part number : GS069

Functions : DC Rotational Velocity Controller for Electrical Tools

Manufacturer : Wuxi ASIC Microelectronics

Package information : SOP-8 Type

Image :

GS069 image

Description :

The GS069 DC Rotational Velocity ControllerĀ is an application-specific CMOS IC for electrial tools. It features wide power supply voltage range, low power dissipation and high interference immunity.


1. Wide Power supply voltage range.
2. Low power dissipation
3. High interference immunity.
4. Wide output range
5. Small frequency variation
6. Variable duty cycle.

Pinout :

GS069 Datasheet PDF
GS069 Typical Application Circuit

GS069 circuit

GS069 Datasheet PDF