GL5516 – Light Dependent Photoresistor

Part number : GL5516, GL5528, GL5537-1, GL5537-2, GL5539, GL5549

Functions : GL55 Series Photoresistor, Light Dependent Photoresistor

Package : radial 2 Pin Type

Manufacturer : Shenzhen Jing Chuang He Li Technology ( )


GL5516 datasheet Photoresistor

Product Information

Photoresistor is a resistor which made of semi-conductor material,and the conductance changes with luminance variation .The photoresistor can be manufactured withdifferent figures and illuminated area based on this characteristic.Photoresistor is widely used inmany industries, such as toys, lamps, camera, etc.


GL5516 Schemetic


  1. Miniature open frame package
  2. Epoxy coated
  3. Moisture resistant
  4. Spectral response similar to the human eye
  5. Applications include dusk-dawn lighting control


1. Coated with epoxy
2. Good reliability
3. Small volume
4. High sensitivity
5. Fast response
Good spectrum characteristic

Typical Applications

1. Camera automatic photometry
2. Photoelectric control
3. Indoor ray control
4. Annunciator
5. Industrial control
6. Light control switch
7. Light control lamp
8. Electronic toy

GL5516 Datasheet PDF