G7S313U – Vce=330V, PDP Trench IGBT – IR

Part number : G7S313U, IRG7S313UPbF

Function  :  PDP Trench IGBT

Package information :  TO-263AB Type

Manufacturer : International Rectifier ( http://www.irf.com/ )


G7S313U pdp trench igbt

Product Information

This IGBT is specifically designed for applications in Plasma Display Panels. This device utilizes advanced trench IGBT technology to achieve low VCE(on)and low EPULSE rating per silicon area which improve panel efficiency. Additional features are 150°C operating junction temperature and high repetitive peak current capability. These features combine to make this IGBT a highly efficient, robust and reliable device for PDP applications.


G7S313U datasheet pinout


1. Advanced Trench IGBT Technology

2. Optimized for Sustain and Energy Recovery circuits in PDP applications

3. Low VCE(on)and Energy per Pulse (EPULSE TM) for improved panel efficiency

4. High repetitive peak current capability

5. Lead Free package


G7S313U Datasheet PDF


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